ICT & Technology

ICT & Technology

Our Company’s IT Department, which has broad knowledge and experience in:ICT

  • ICT technologies, including information and communication systems
  • Development of applications
  • IoT
  • Visualization techniques
  • Architectural concepts
  • Software platforms

SEABILITY is applying all above in a number of application areas including:

  • Transport
  • Logistics
  • Security
  • Cultural
  • Enviroment

Our abilities in this area led to the creation of IT and technology services, which we extend to our customers. The services we offer relate to:

  • The development of business applications and specialized solutions according to the needs and requirements of the environment in which our customers operate (turnkey solutions).
  • System integration.
  • Network development.
  • Hardware sales.
  • Software and equipment support services.
SEABILITY is also offering Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions, which is a software architecture design pattern which supports the development of distributed software systems in terms of loosely coupled networked services.
SEABILITY is focusing on new networking concepts for better information flow, network resources management and sharing in SOA.
SEABILITY is offering it's services in a number of clients between others EU (in the framework of research and development project), ICCS/NTUA, SINGULAR, G4S, INFOTRIP.