The collaborative innovation cluster entitled “Innovation Cluster for Environmental Protection and Safety Risk ” aims to tackle climate change through adaptation measures to deal with the inevitable consequences. The very promising innovation cluster consists of 31 organisations and companies from all over Greece and is coordinated by the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS).

The main purpose of this cluster is the successful production and introduction of new products/services in the market, as well as the intermediate research results, such as product prototypes, patents and intellectual property in general (IPR).

The kick-off meeting took place on 20th to 21st of October 2020, virtually and marked the starting point for the constructive and successful collaboration between all members.

During the first day, all the members of the cluster made interesting presentations to introduce their organisation. Special guest was Mrs. Sofianopoulou Theoni, Director of the Innovation Department of the General Secretary for Research and Technology, who gave very informative and enlighting answers to the members’ questions.

The second day was devoted to the description of the cluster’s work packages, the presentation of the project management system, the methodology as well as the proposed first quarter action plan. A very constructive discussion followed about the natural disaster management practices/systems suitable for use in the project, as well as about the procedures for the selection of administrative bodies.