COREALIS ANTWERP LIVING LAB DEMONSTRATION & TRAINING SEMINAR entitled ‘Antwerp Port: Sustainability through optimisation’ took place virtually on November 10th, 2020 at 10.00-11.30 CET.

Antwerp Living Lab (LL), is one of the five LLs (together with Valencia, HaminaKotka, Livorno and Piraeus). The demonstration aimed to showcase the actual operation of the Antwerp Living Lab developed innovations (Brokerage Platform: a Cloud based marketplace for leasing and exchanging intra-port assets, Cargo Flow Optimiser: an optimization tool for ocean/rail/inland waterway cargo flows, and Port of the future Serious Game: an innovative and interactive training and simulation game for port-city developments).

Our project manager, Elena Krikigianni, was the moderator of the Antwerp Living Lab Webinar.

More information about the event and access to the presentations and recording can be found here.

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