On the 4th and 5th of July, SEABility Ltd is delighted to announce the Kick Off Meeting of the eagerly awaited EU project DELPHI (FeDerated nEtwork of pLatforms for Passenger and freigHt Intermodality), that will take place in Athens, Greece. The consortium of 16 partners (+1 associated partner and 1 affiliated entity), from 8 EU and associated countries, will announce its groundbreaking initiative to address the growing challenges of passenger and freight mobility. Recognizing the complexity of stakeholder landscapes, fragmented transportation systems, and the need for secure data sharing, DELPHI will integrate sectors, harmonize data, and leverage advanced methodologies, to transform transportation systems for a sustainable future.

DELPHI’s aim can be summarized into the following five points, that embrace the overall spectrum of environmental, economic, societal and scientific impact:

  1. Make cities’ traffic flow better and reduce accidents, injuries, and traffic on roads.
  2. Speed up decision-making and implementation by 30% while improving how decisions are made.
  3. Develop five different business models that save money in data processing, transportation planning, and reduce emissions.
  4. Share DELPHI’s research findings and models within the stakeholders’ community for further study.
  5. Contribute to at least four transport and logistics initiatives pushing for the adoption of cross-stakeholder solutions in both the logistic chain, as well as the passenger mobility ecosystems.

Over the course of the project’s three-year lifetime, there will be four pilot demonstrations across the participating transportation networks located in Spain (Madrid), Greece (Athens and Mykonos), and Romania (Cluj-Napoca). These trials aim to facilitate effective preparation and seamless integration of systems, and will involve continuous monitoring of progress to ensure smooth functioning and interconnectivity

ICCS (Institute of Communication and Computer Systems) is proud to be coordinating a project which brings together policy-makers, transport companies, academia, and civil society to shape a future where integrated mobility is the norm!

Project Partners: Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS), WINGS ICT Solutions Information & Communication Technologies IKE (WINGS), eBOS Technologies Limited (eBOS), INLECOM Commercial Pathways Company Limited by Guarantee (ICP), Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe (ALICE), Airbus Urban Mobility GmbH (AUM), Infineon Technologies AG (IFAG), Statheres Sygkoinonies Monoprosopi Anonymi Etaireia (STASY), AE Syn. – Leitoyrg. Kai Ekmetalleys. Eleytheris Leo. Eleysinas – Stayroy – Aerodromioy Spaton Kai Dyrikis Perifer. Leo. Ymitoy Attikes Diadromes (ATD), Koino Tameio Eispraxeon Leoforeion K.T.E.L. Yperastikon Grammon Mykonoy Anonymos Etaireia (KtelM), DHL Exel Supply Chain Spain SL (DHL), Metro de Madrid SA (MM), Koiki Home Sociedad Limitada (KOIKI), NTT DATA Romania SA (NTTD), Municipiul Cluj-Napoca (MCN), Compania de Transport Public Cluj-Napoca (CTP)*, Naytiliakes Metaforikes Kai Epikoinoniakes Epixeiriseis Seability EPE (SEAB), Mobilysis SARL (MBL)**

  • Affiliated entity of MCN
  • Associated partner